Saturday, July 01, 2006

Design a nuke competition

…a Senate subcommittee has added $US10 million ($13.69 million) to next year's budget to fund a design competition for the second warhead in a new generation of US nuclear weapons.

Okay boys and girls, time to get those crayons out. I haven’t sen the competition guidelines yet, but I’m sure between us we can design a killer (ooops! bad choice of word) nuke.

Note: I've swapped this post from below to accomodate a long rant on British democracy - It doesn’t get stranger than this


reality-based educator said...

I'm using water colors for my design!!! Maybe I can get some of that yummy, yummy homeland security money!

abi said...

Oops. Slight mishap when I tested my design. My apologies to the folks in that nice New England town that now will be uninhabitable for a century or two.

Kvatch said...

Abi, I had the same problem. My bomb went off prematurely, and now it'll be years before downtown San Francisco can get the paisley colors off.

Cartledge said...

I thought that parts of SF had always been paisley.

Kvatch said...

I thought that parts of SF had always been paisley.

True, but that's because it's a "stealth" smart, hip, butch bomb. (For the Left Coast, "butch" was better that "bully".)


Cartledge said...

Paisley - I was thinking about that area, Castro, I think. I saw the mini series some years back, all those confused boys and girls.
I suspect bombs would be the last thing on their minds though, even if the overall impression was paisley.