Sunday, July 16, 2006

My kind of conflict

As a good Australian, spiflicating the Poms in cricket is as good as it gets. Pakistan is currently taking on the Poms in what appears to be a great contest.

Pakistan batsman Mohammed Yousuf struck his 17th test century on Saturday with an unbeaten 185 on the third day of the first test against England at Lord's.

At the close, Pakistan were 409 for seven wickets in reply to England's 528 for nine declared. That means to keep the chances of a result alive, they didn’t wait for the last batsman to be tumbled.

The Pakis are working hard to claw back an advantage, and I guess, with the relative strengths, this game is headed for a draw, unless there is a courageous and risky flurry by one or the other.

Against England I’m bound to go for Pakistan, a team I’ve always enjoyed watching. England has not won a series against them, on home turf for years.
Go the Pakis!


Praguetwin said...

So Pakistan avoided the, oh what do you call that when they have to bat again? Oh yea, the "follow on.'

Pakistan avoided the follow on?

Cartledge said...

Serves me right for getting up late, or going to bed early...
England do seem to be on fire now. The Pakis had better dig their heels in and regroup, methinks.