Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Making their mothers proud

Caption - Israeli girls write messages in English on shells ready to be fired towards Hezbollah targets in Southern Lebanon. From The Australian


Kvatch said...

That's just creepy. Any idea what they're being encouraged to write? "To any Lebanese children who get hit by this shell...please come for a play date"?

Cartledge said...

I'm not sure what their inventive little minds ar creating.

Praguetwin said...

Here is a thought... "Call me, I'm single."

reality-based educator said...

They're writing "My god is real, yours isn't." It's what the crazies on the other side write too. The problem is fundamentalist religion. All of 'em.

abi said...

You've got it exactly right, rbe.

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought... "Call me, I'm single."

That's the first time I've been able to laugh on aussie's board...

Ilanna said...

I'm going to post this on all 3 blogs referencing this:

I have a few problems with this post and with the commentary responding.

My first question - What is your source? I can't find this referenced anywhere BUT on these blogs. I've searched and I can't find any reference, on major news outlets or anything else.

Secondly - why sign in english? Israelis tend to be fiercly proud of their nation identity, and I see no reason why they would not be signing in Hebrew unless the whole thing is propaganda - but this leads back to where is the source?

Thirdly - Assuming all of this *IS* real, I have a few points to make.
The first is that this is *NOT* a religious war. Unfortunately everyone just jumps to "the fanatics will kill us all" argument. This war is about land. land and power. Take a look at a map of the middle east and see JUST how small Israel is, and yet peoppel are screaming for them to give up more. The whole gaza strip, they took that over during the 6 day war when multiple arab countries attacked them and Israel kicked their butts! I don't see mexico lobbing bombs at the US asking for new mexico territory be granted back to them!

in this conflict, religion is more of an identifier and is NOT the cause of this conflict. Israel (like america is supposed to be) doesn't care about your religion as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. There are israeli arabs who are in FULL support of their country and are pissed at what the non israeli arabs are doing. Notice ARAB, not muslim.

Israel has created a "jewish state" on the principle that jews have been kicked out of just about every place they have tried to settle throughout history, and now that they are back where they started they are trying to create a safe haven for jews throughout the world. (jews define a group of people NOT just a religion)

Ultimately. THis is a war of Survival. Nothing more.

Cartledge said...

Ilanna thanks for your insights.
Tye source for that oic is clearly noted as "The Australian" which can be easily found on any search engine.
I also saw another pic in "the Melbourne Age" and some English metropolitans such as London Times and Telegraph

Cartledge said...

Sorry, the typos were bad. A mix of early morning and spam attacks.
We have discussed, at length, the dangers of generalities when labeling
Those in these conflicts.
I would distinguish between Jews and Israelis for example. I would also distinguish between major sects of Muslims, after all, they are having their own war.
Most of all I would distinguish between the warrior instigators and innocent people.

As to the girls, surely the act of being close to such horrific ordinance, then playing with it simply plays with their mind. It is sick.

romunov said...

That's where you need to get them. Adolf knew it very well. From what I know, he once stated that all he wanted was kids, who can be trained into anything he wanted - screw the old farts. And in fact, his elitest SS troops were no more than 17-18 y/o. Those were the grim reapers of ww2 and had to be put down to graves to make them stop. Idealogy (including religion) is the only eternal energy source. I hear Halliburton is trying to convert it to electricity.