Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yes, power does corrupt

Today’s NewsHound front page carries an unusual string of stories. No less than five current and former political leaders are cited in various scandals.
The US of course is bristling with news of President Bush’s bristling communication intercept network.
Still in the US, Kentucky Governor Fletcher has been indicted on ‘jobs for the boys’ issues.
Thailand has been sent back to the polls after the recent election was nullified. PM Thaksin is also facing an electoral fraud probe.
Former Indonesian strongman, Suharto has been given a reprieve from long running corruption charges. Age and mental health are cited as reasons.
South Africa’s former deputy president and head of the country’s AIDS council, Zuma, has apologized for having unprotected sex.
There are other ongoing dramas within the leadership ranks; NewsHound gathers all the political and corporate corruption issue from around the world. Issues are presented, fresh, daily in bite sized briefs.

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