Saturday, May 20, 2006

Former Senator in Oil for Food probe

The chairman of a Senate investigative panel said on Friday that it was looking into the actions of former Senator Robert G. Torricelli of New Jersey in connection with the United Nations oil-for-food program for Iraq.

"We've received allegations about Torricelli and oil-for-food," said Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota, the chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. "We take this very seriously. We are pursuing the matter at this point." Mr. Coleman, in a telephone interview, declined to say what the allegations were. He said they had come from the United Nations' Independent Inquiry Committee.

Senator Coleman's committee have finally got someone they can get their teeth into with the UN scandal. They have had to drop their investigations into the Australian angle, but hey! They have themselves a Democrat to pillory now. I guess George might just let them go ahead with this one.


Reality-Based Educator said...

Good catch on this, cartledge. I forgot how Coleman was running the Oil for Food probe. I love how they slime the Torch but won't say what the allegations against him are. "Don't worry, we know he has committed a crime, but we can't tell you what it was. Just trust us."

Bush League Justice is what that's called. Which is not to say that the Torch is innocent. But a man ought to be able to fight the charges against him and not have what's left of his good named dirtied in public like this.

Cartledge said...

If I ever fronted for one of those god-awful quiz shows, OFF would probably be my special topic.
But yes, as justice goes this is typical of the Admin. Coleman might not have been happy about backing off earlier investigations, or even taking on this one, after pressure from the party heads; might not be happy, but he is still willing to follow orders!
The man is a former prosecutor; he knows the ethical considerations better than most. His actions certainly do not suggest justice done fairly and fearlessly.

Anonymous said...

"If I ever fronted for one of those god-awful quiz shows, OFF would probably be my special topic."

OFF WITH HIS HEAD is what I'd call that gameshow that would be all about YOU.