Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So you are crooks, but were is the policy.

For Democrats, a Scandal of Their Own
Obviously the congressional Republican strategists don’t talk to Karl Rove. It would also seem that there are no decent poker players among them either.
This Jefferson thing has been around for months, well before his aide fessed up, and the cat was out of the bag.
My guess is that the Repubs are getting skittish with the polls, this current fuss smacks of a little engineering and a lot of beat-up, especially in the Repub media.
For starter, and this is no great credit to the Dems, they are not clean. Jefferson is one of a handful already under a cloud. But the approach seems to be to pull the Dems down from the greatest possible height.
Now Rove would put them straight on a few of these panicky strategies. They represent a serious case of premature ejaculation by the spooked majority. Karl would explain quietly that there is only one poll, and that is the one they should be targeting.
As a matter of fact, my guess is that Rove would sit tight on this sort of issue, refrain from beating it up, until the last possible moment. He would aim at winning that November poll in the shiftiest way possible.
As it is, this bunch have shown their hand now, leaving months for the Dems to regroup, leaving months for more Repubs to be dragged through the shit, leaving months for voters to work the whole thing out for themselves.
If voters were intelligent, and nobody is accusing them of that, they would already be saying: “Well, you are all a bunch of crooks, so what are your policies? Where am I going to benefit from choosing between you?”
But the policy cupboard seems to be as empty as the rhetoric about ethics. There is another truism: Oppositions don’t win, governments lose. That might be so, but an opposition must have a credible plan, a platform that will give at least a little confidence to potential voters.
For now, the Dems would be wise to cut loose any member or candidate who is under a cloud. Clear the decks in a positive, forthright way. Then they should get out there and tell the people what they can offer as an alternative majority. Keep it simply and keep it tidy.

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