Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mine Rescue – amazing scenes

Brant Webb leaving the Beaconsfield mine in an ambulance.

We couldn’t see what was happening at the mine head, just listen to the radio reports. They described two men, trapped underground for 14 days, walking unaided from the mine lift thrusting their arms into the air.

When we did get visuals it was of the ambulances the men were reluctantly put into, their doors wide open as the paraded out the gates past well wishers.

Medics had to wait until the pair were out of site of the waiting crowd Brant Webb and Todd Russell were focused was on greeting all those waiting for them.

The miners were rushed to hospital for full health checks, but were confidant of being back in Beaconsfield for bacon and eggs.

On a sobering note, the men were free in time to attend the funeral of co-worker Larry Knight who died in the initial rock fall.

Knight’s family held off farewelling Larry until the pair were freed from the mine, but finally set it for today.

The roller coaster emotions in Northern Tasmania are set to continue for some time, as the town comes to terms with the many dramas witnessed over the past few weeks.

Ironically, the Beaconsfield opened up to media who inundated by town to cover the story. Initially, locals were simply being good hosts, providing home cooked meals among other things. After the death of leading media personality, Richard Carleton as he was covering the story, the grieving town became comforters to the shaken reporters.

As an example of positive community spirit which cannot be beaten. In both their joy and in the grief our hearts should all be with the people of Beaconsfield.

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