Friday, May 19, 2006

Excuse me while I puke

THE Prime Minister [Australia, John Howard] has launched a tirade against anti-Americanism, saying the world needs US influence as much as it ever did, if not more.

In an address to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations John Howard aimed his comments at those inside and outside the US unhappy with the Bush Administration's foreign policy direction.


reality-based educator said...

I agree w/ Mr. Howard. The world needs to get over their squeamishness on torture, renditions, dead innocents in a war zone, etc. Hey - we're the Daddy country and what we say goes!

Cartledge said...

It is the sort of crap which undermines intellegent relations with people of different countries.
But it was good to see Howard was taking a swat at you as well as me.
How dare anyone question The Decider.

reality-based educator said...

That's right. The decider decides and we're all supposed to applaud the decision.

Anonymous said...


You are a slimy little cocksucking fag. I hope that you get hit by a bus.