Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Foxy Murdoch aims for power

RUPERT MURDOCH, the most powerful media mogul in America, has decided he wants to help get Hillary Clinton elected.

Murdoch, whose media outlets included Fox News and the New York Post hounded President Bill Clinton when he was in office and have attacked his wife since before she was elected a senator in 2000, has decided to host a political fund-raiser for her on behalf of News Corporation, according to the Financial Times.

Now there is a reason to fear the elevation of former ‘First Lady’ to President. I occasionally note the incredible influence Murdoch seeks to impose on US politics. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!


Anonymous said...

No need to fear. Hitlary's popularity is extremely low; she will never get elected.

reality-based educator said...

I do not trust either Bill or Hillary Clinton.

I wrote this on praguetwin's blog today, but it fits here as well. Watching Hillary try and triangulate the '08 elections makes me want to triangulate her.

What does Hillary really stand for? The only answer I can come up with is - Hillary. She seems to hold no deep political convictions that she cannot change on a whim. Her stand on the war is particularly infuriating. She seems to have Kerry's old position ("I voted for it and I still think we can win but these guys fucked it up.") But I don't think her position comes from conviction. It's more about the triangulation and appealing to the middle just enough so that the '08 version of the Swift Boaters can't accuse her of weakness.

I want conviction politicans. Real ones. Not ones created by Karl Rove or Bob Shrum or Donna Brazile or Dick Morris. Real fucking people with real fucking politicans.

But I guess I'm just being naive.

Cartledge said...

I think many of us want to see politicians again who have a fire in their bellies.
The current conservative creep oooops PM here in Canada actually said, during his campaign: "I am not passionate about anything."
It is one thing to be governed by technocrats (essentially just another needless layer of bureaucracy) but without a passion politicians are too open to simply being bought.
As far as I can see, the only way to get politicians with fire and passion is to have an electorate with fire and passion.
It happens occasionally in Australia. It doesn’t suit the typically polite Canadian. The US? Such a diverse range, but it seems fed on bullshit for so long it might be difficult to rally sustained passion.
Just beware of old Rupert though. The old Kingmaker should be shunted off to run the Trinidad and Tobago Times, although they have hardly done anything to deserve his attention.

reality-based educator said...

We get free copies of the NY Post for the kids at school - I take points away from kids if I catch them reading it. I tell them that the Post is scientifically proven to eat away healthy brain cells and turn humans into mindless gossip zombies.

Cartledge said...

reality, you have won a freind! One should never exposed unformed minds to Murdoch's gutter press!