Monday, May 22, 2006

Blair prepares Iraq pull-out

TONY Blair will use the restoration of a democratic government in Iraq to activate a pull-out programme that could see UK troops start to withdraw within weeks.
Although Iraq remains convulsed by violence and under constant threat of civil war, Blair and US President George Bush will this week thrash out the final details of their plan to leave Iraq.

Slowly, slowly the support base shrinks for Bush.


abi said...

"...their plan to leave Iraq? The US is never leaving Iraq. We're not building bases and the world's largest embassy for the hell of it.

Cartledge said...

Abi, that was a poorly written piece of journalism. It really only refers to a UK pull-out.
I expect Halliburton has too much invested in the profit potential for them to pull out. George will keep the money safe.

Anonymous said...

"Slowly, slowly the support base shrinks for Bush."

Ah, yes, egor, soon we will have the liberals once again running the white house, and all will once again be in order."

Man, you are a handsome devil. Those glasses and nose - are they real? Can I buy those at wal-mart? Come on. Give me your fan club email address.