Saturday, May 20, 2006

If Bullshit were music…

(Disclaimer: If you find shit offensive then you will probably find this rant offensive. Read on at your own risk.)

Australia's mission to the Solomon Islands has a long way to go to ensure corruption does not flourish in the Pacific nation, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says.

So there you go! Piggy Downer, the bloke who couldn’t lie straight in bed, the one up to his shiny pink earlobes in the Oil for Food corruption, has become the champion of anti-corruption.

Of course, given his track record as a lying sleaze bag, the Solomon Islands political establishment is really going to sit up and take notice.

This is the very same maggot who is crapping over the self determination aspirations of the Solomon’s Melanesian mates over in West Papua. The same net stockinged nitwit who is covering the international but of the toad supreme, PM John Howard, as he sends the gun boats off to East Timor, against that country’s wishes.

This is the Australian version of Wolfowitz and his World Bank attack on corruption. Talk about ‘set a thief to catch a thief!” The only credible thing about these self proclaimed, international, ethics police, is that they have a wealth of first hand experience.

Doesn’t it just break you up when Bush or one of his flakes starts preaching to the world about ethics? When the US send of a team of specialists to some downtrodden country to conduct seminars on ethics and probity? It has me rolling around the floor!

The funny thing is, despite obvious perceptions curiously held by the ‘creationist’ types in our Christian society, these underdeveloped nations so subject to corruption are not populated by near relatives of the apes.

Melanesians, Africans, South Americans and all those assorted non whites actually exhibit a similar ratio of intelligence to imbecility as the US national capital. Perhaps that is a bad analogy, especially as an example for the Southern Baptists.

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Anonymous said...

Can I um, send this to the man that you have blatantly slandered here? I think I will. Maybe by the time he's finished with blogspot after suing the shit out of them for allowing you to break every violation in their code of ethics, he'll spare you the dignity of picking up your ears from the ground after he's chopped them from your wooden liberal shaped HEAD.

I sure wished you lived nearby.