Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pain in Paradise

Two Solomon Islands politicians held in jail on charges of inciting last month's riots have been appointed ministers - one in charge of police and security and the other looking after tourism.

The new Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, replacing the short lived reign of Snyder Rini, has appointed Charles Dausabea to the police and national security portfolio even though he is accused of being a ringleader in the April 18-19 riots.

Dausabea and Ne'e cast their votes from inside Honiara's Rove Prison after a court denied them bail. It was unclear where they would take their oaths of office.

Australia has warned the new Solomon Islands Prime Minister that there will be damaging repercussions over his appointment to cabinet of the two MPs.

An Australian foreign Affairs spokesperson says the special coordinator of the regional assistance mission, James Batley, has been asked to make representations to the government expressing Australia's view; that the appointment to cabinet of individuals facing serious criminal charges will have damaging repercussions for the standing of Solomons Islands in both the regional Pacific community and wider internationally.

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voteforme_imfree said...

As a commonwealth country, I am surprised to see England doesn't show more involvement.

Why does Australia feel the need to be there? Is there a financial gain to all this?

Cartledge said...

Is there a financial gain to all this?
There is a financial interest in virtually everything Australia does in the name of foriegn aid.
Australian's have strong trading links with the solomon's. With Taiwan and China also jockying for a place, Australia has even more reason to protect 'their' investment.
If there wasn't a financial advantage they wouldn't be involved.