Friday, May 12, 2006

US exporting hate

What Sort of (Hated) Nation Have We Become?
Writer, Stan Moore, put the question in a piece (linked above) of the American nation. But reading his thought provoking piece strikes a sharp note with the antics of other coalition member countries.
“Imagine having to put a bank of supercomputers to work analyzing all of the electronic, internet, and telephone message traffic in the entire world in order to intercept communications in a world full of enemies and potential enemies. Apparently, this is the sort of nation the U.S. has become, or intends to become.”
For all the fantasy generated by the industry, there is no credible TV or movie producer who would dare stretch out credulity with a script approaching the reality of the US political drama. Billed as ‘the biggest data base on Earth’, the electronic surveillance scandal dogging the white House is still battling to gain traction among the myriad of other scandals on the go.
Still, the majority of them have one thing in common; that is the contempt that the ruling powers hold for ordinary American citizens. The many abuses of trust and authority, pushing up for light and air, demonstrate nothing less than a betrayal of the people.
The US government not only invites ‘hate’ from the outside, they seem determined to generate division and tension within their own country. Sadly, this lamentable example has been taken up all too readily by lesser powers within the US sphere of influence.
The alleged Bush agenda of seeding ‘US style’ democracy in world trouble spots is, it seems, succeeding beyond his dreams. That is not the democracy you might desire, but one close to the autocratic rule more common to the old Soviet.
He has been so successful that even once peaceful and pleasant countries like Australia, Britain and Italy have become embroiled in the ‘collateral’ fallout from the dubious war on terrorism.
The Blair government in Britain has their own set of nasty, crippling corruption scandals. Despite the popular opposition to involvement in the Bush adventure, Blair used his dominating position to push ahead anyway. Besotted by his proximity to ‘real power’ Blair readily adopted Bush’s bully style government.
The latest episode of the Blair scandals reveals that despite putting in place draconian anti-terrorism laws, his government never saw fit to provide the resources needed to police them. These laws were socially divisive, and a ready trigger for malcontents to adopt ‘the cause’ as an excuse to cause havoc.
That succeeded dramatically when home grown malcontents created devastation in the London bombings. Now two key pieces of intelligence have surfaced from these circumstances.1/ The London bombers had no outside guidance; they were stand alone groups.2/ Authorities charged with the job of stopping these types of incidents were not give sufficient resources to do their jobs.
Similarly, in Australia, the Howard government imposed it’s own, unnecessary set of anti-terrorism laws. It is true that Australian authorities have probably averted incidents similar to those in Britain, incidents incited by these hateful laws. It is also true that not one provision of the draconian Australian laws has been used in the process.
Bush’s agenda has promoted the dangerous hate targeting his country; there is little doubt about that. He has spread the insecurity to allied countries, whose leaderships were only too willing to join in the game. But worse still, all of them have created disunity, distrust and hate within their own communities.
A great example George! One for which the world won’t be thanking you.
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Kvatch said...

You make a good point about the draconian nature and utter uselessness of the laws pass in Australia.

When the Telecommuncations Amendment Act was about to be debated in Parliament, I just about swallowed my tongue.

Cartledge said...

So long as you use your tongue for catching flies, and not communicating, all is well.
I wouldn't object to the useless Australian anti-terrorism laws, except that they really do piss off the wrong people.