Saturday, May 06, 2006

Raised 'Voice of America'

Hecklers berated US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today during a stormy encounter with a former CIA analyst who accused him of lying his way into the Iraq war.

Rumsfeld, an unyielding defender of the war, denied lying.

From the Melbourne Age

You can tell it’s from the foreign press because defence is spelled properly.


reality-based educator said...

Plus the reporter uses the word "lying". The U.S. press is so much more conscientious about using more innocuous euphemisms (like "misleading") when talking about how the administration "lied" to get us into the war with Iraq. I notice that nearly every time I read the Financial Times.

Cartledge said...

I must cover more US media, the euphemism passed me right by.

reality-based educator said...

I recommend you NOT covering more US media, cartledge. You'll only drive yourself crazy hearing sensationalized stories about missing and/or murdered white women, celebrity tell-all crapola, and corporate propaganda meant to sell you the newest TIME-Warner product (if you're watching CNN), the newest GE product (if you're watching NBC, CNBC, or MSNBC), the newest Disney product (if you're watching ABC or ESPN) or the newest News Corp/FOX product (if you're watching FOX News.)

The First Amendment, by the way, is now brought to you by Johnson & Johnson. It used to be Merck, but J&J offered more money.

It's great to live in a country where everything is for sale to the highest bidder!

Cartledge said...

And here I was preparing to dip my toe into the waters of commercial media.
It might sound elitist, but I don't watch TV and generally listen to classical music radio.
I miss the patina of real newspaper ink on my hands, but there is nothing in North America worth taking in hard copy.
I would even delight in holding a copy of Murdoch's (Fox) The Australian, as I can generally navigate through his influence.
Which all leaves me, sadly, with a total inability to understand the thinking or otherwise of the masses.
Thankfully I have my instructive fellow bloggers to keep me a little in touch. Thanks

voteforme_imfree said...

The ever faithful crutch people use to back their stories: ..."but it said on the NEWS so it MUST be true."

Bravo reality-based educator. What a revalation to find that more and more people are realizing it's ALL CRAP!

Keep up your efforts Cartledge, we'll make our break through!

reality-based educator said...

I no longer buy the papers either. I used to be a big sports guy, but as I've grown older I've become less and less interested in all sports except baseball. I don't watch sitcoms or drama. I despise reality shows, despite my moniker. I do watch the cable news shows, but less for enjoyment and more to support my already low opinion of the American press corps.

And you know what? I think I'm better for not watching much on the tube and I think I would be even better if I stopped watching the cable news shows. But I can't. Watching them is like looking at a car wreck on the highway. You don't want to, but you can't help yourself.