Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Miners free at last

The news we have been waiting for:

Todd Russell and Brant Webb have been rescued from the Beaconsfield mine in northern Tasmania.

News just in says the men were freed from the mine just before 5:00am AEST, since being underground since Anzac Day.

The men will be brought to the surface during the morning.

After 14 days trapped nearly a kilometer underground the pair have shown remarkable resilience and good humour. They have said they were aware of attempts to rescue them from the start, as they could hear some of the search effort.

At the last, once freed from their underground cell, the pair delayed their re-emergence so they could shower first. Above ground Beaconsfield came alive to the sound of the town’s church bells. The bells have not been heard since the end of the Second World War.

Early reports say the men are in remarkable good health after their ordeal.

Some of the background stories:

It's up to their family and friends

TRAUMA experts have advised against swamping the newly rescued Beaconsfield miners with counsellors. They say the support of family, friends and their close-knit community will be the best mental salve for Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

Meet me for a beer later, says Foo Grohl

BEN CUBBY | THEIR tiny steel cage is not much of a mosh pit, but the post-grunge groove of the Foo Fighters has helped Brant Webb and Todd Russell through some of the hairier moments of their entombment.

Into the light

Finding two men alive in the collapsed mine was one thing. Getting them out has been another. Gary Tippet reports.

Mate's farewell

Mine accident victim Larry Knight may be buried todah without a farewell from his two workmates.

What's on their minds?

Deep, deep underground, in the cramped humid cage that has been their prison for 13 days, the miners reel from disbelief to anger, from jubilation to despair.

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