Monday, May 29, 2006

A Sunday Diversion

Engaging with the serious issues of our times, as many bloggers do, must lead to occasions of anger, frustration and helplessness for the essentially isolated commentators.

I’ve never really asked the question but hazard that most, like me, post as a personal expression, always hoping and delighted when others respond and share thoughts on issues. The response is gratifying, though even without it there is still the satisfaction that someone out there is looking.

The anger, for the year or so I’ve been blogging anyway, has been isolated and sporadic. Just lately those stronger emotions are being expressed more widely, both in primary blogs and in comments.

The interesting part is that, at least in my chosen circle of commentators, each tends to focus on their own set of perceived outrages.
For the most part that means individual elements of both national and international affairs.

True the Americans tend to focus on their national situation, and there is plenty there to focus on. Some of us have a wider view of the landscape, with a correspondingly different, but interlocking set of issues.

Regardless of which part individuals feel moved to respond to, there is an increasing sense of outrage building.
Balancing that is something even more precious, mutual support and encouragement which transcends agreement, engagement or any other potential barrier.

Mike, over at Born at the crest, disdains lists – I guess sees them as too confronting and distracting, but I can see his point.
Still, avoiding listing issues, Mike’s blog is where I know I can feel the pulse on the wide scope of Iraq issues. But not limited to that mess.

Abi has recently entered my part of the blogging galaxy, bringing in discussion on Israel, and the Middle East; fielding views on the spread of weapons and defensive systems.
A refreshing addition, even if it does add more disturbing facets to a barely manageable agenda.

Reality Based Educator is like a dog with a bone on aspects of US domestic policy, where it borders on the illegal and unethical. RBE’s posts stir up a deep level of discussion, with comments more often becoming mini-blogs.
I guess it is the educator who’s role is to make people think. Sure makes me think.

Even Kvach, the quirky froggy who is so adept at subverting with humour, is not immune to the growing sense of anger. Kvach’s Kommandos might well be capturing minds across America as you read, but the plastic soldiers don’t divert the lightning rod effect from blognonymous.

There are many more, argumentative, supportive, informative and increasingly angry bloggers in the ranks. Lurkers would do well to visit the many valuable links off these sites.

In many ways I can relate best to PragueTwin, an American living in Eastern Europe. We share the view from the outside, which forces quite a different perspective on events.

True our posts tend to be more eclectic, and slightly out of focus at times. The fact is, when you are looking at the globe rather than one spot on that globe there are a vastly increased range of distractions. So many more issues in view to feed the incipient anger.

The display of mutual support and respect represents everything we look for fail to find in our wider communities. Thank you for making it a reality in this small corner of the cosmos.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cartledge.

This post hit a nerve with me. It helps to know that there are people - and frogs - out there who think along the same lines as I do in many respects.

Once upon a time, it was relatively easy for governments, the corporate media, and other status-quo champions to make people like me feel marginalized and out-of-touch. Blogs are changing that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abi regarding blogs as a way to cast off the yoke. Certainly that's how things started out for me.

But...has anybody noticed that the wingnuts are starting to spill onto lefty blogs to express their own outrage. Something subtle is shifting on the political landscape.

Cartledge said...

Thanks to all of you. Telling the world the emperor has no clothes has always been a thankless task.
It doesn't matter whether the emperor is personified or just notions, some people will resent having truths spelled out, as others resent the blindness which allows the destructive falsehood to continue.
As for the pond slime, froggy, it really does serve a purpose in the ecosystem; exhibiting the as it does the rubbish created by social decay.