Thursday, May 18, 2006

Still on spying

While we are on this spying business, you really have to wonder how good they are when they can’t even defend themselves against the ‘big lie’.
The nonsense of the Pentagon’s much trumped video release, the one designed to kill off conspiracy theories, the one carrying the wrong date, (see Kvatch Whoops! What was that date again?), underscores the incompetence.
When the shit hit the fan over failure of security services to head off 9/11 the CIA took the hit. Why, you might ask, should the country’s foreign spy service take the blame for failing to detect activities which are the responsibility of the internal service, the FBI?
The probable answer is that the administration wants to diminish the CIA’s role, or kill it off entirely, to be replaced by their own hand moulded organization.
Given that the CIA has been reduced to a state where they can no longer effectively defend themselves, there is no doubt argument that it is ‘past its use by date.’
Given the level of incompetence demonstrated by most of the Bush administration, and particularly Homeland Security, any replacement might be more at home as a prime time TV sitcom.

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