Saturday, May 13, 2006

The tangled plot of the Greatest Show on Earth

Oh it is all so confusing; the what’s hot and what’s not of the ‘Greatest show on Earth’. The anticipation, in the news and blogs, ebbs and flows wildly.
Today’s plot is so quickly dropped by another startling revelation. Little wonder Hollywood sticks to fantasy; this is all too convoluted for the average viewer.
To help sort the tangled plot out I started to create a ‘running sheet’, this first attempt a mish mash of leading players and plot points. It sort of lacks that “who killed JR? simplicity, but that could be the fault of the show itself. So here is the first draft:

Iran strike threats
NSA domestic spying scandal
Plame affair: Rove potential indictment
Abramoff Delay et al
CIA: Hayden nomination – prostitution links – Dusty Foggo
White House staff shuffle
Immigration Reform Bill
Torture and prisoner abuse – Guantanamo Bay – Abu Ghraib
Bush approval ratings
Gas prices
Katrina fallout
Tax breaks for wealthy
E-Voting Security
Dick Cheney – Halliburton KBR
Katherine Harris
Regulating the internet
Religious Right
Then a bit of real entertainment: The Decider - A new animation by Mark Fiore


mikevotes said...

Don't forget Duke Cunningham/Brent Wilkes/ Dusty Foggo and the hookers.


Cartledge said...

Thanks Mike. I'm thinking about a useful format for this, a way of keeping track of all those little incidents worthy of attention.
With the ebb and flow it's so easy to lose sight. All additions greatfully recieved.