Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rupert’s conudrum

Admittedly it was some ungodly hour in Australia and the sub-editors were busy on the newspaper layup – but I grabbed this screenshot from Rupert Murdoch’s the Australian.

I highlighted a couple of fascinating, if contradictory, headlines. According to Rupert’s rag Israel is eager to pull out of Lebanon, but they aren’t really… I think.

No wonder Fox viewers don’t have a clue, if this comes up in his serious broadsheet, it looks like his editors don’t have much clue either.

But maybe Rupert is just having a dollar each way, waiting to see which way the wind blows. Within minutes of talking the screen shot the front page was changed again with just one Israel story: Israelis ready to stay in Lebanon


Anonymous said...

I bet the have mock pages for all possible stories and scenarios--bound to let one of them slip onto the web-site eventually.

Having developed and maintained a number of enterprise web-sites, I know first hand how funny these slip-ups can sometimes be.

Cartledge said...

Yes, it was cruel of me. I know how the subs work in Sydney, and can imagine the end of shift lot were just plonking stories for the graveyard to fix.
But I love the juxtaposition all the same.