Thursday, August 31, 2006

NYT knows best

The New York Times blocked British online readers from seeing a story about London terrorism suspects on monday.

NYT says it blocked British Internet readers from seeing a story detailing elements of the investigation into a suspected plot to blow up airliners between Britain and the United States.

Under British laws, courts will punish media organisations that publish material that judges feel may influence jurors and prevent suspects receiving a fair trial.

But British newspapers the Times and the Daily Mail published details from the New York Times article this week.

Then the Scotsman published the blocking story which sort of all made the NYT self-censorship effort a bit of a waste.

It is that tendency to self-censorship of news issues which keeps me away from the US media. I know the important stories will break elsewhere and in a more open style.


Lew Scannon said...

I don't trust the American corporate media, and get very little news from it. I tjhink that if you limited your sources to one or two corporate media outlets, you'd have a fairly slanted view of the world.

Cartledge said...

There are no shortages of media now with the net.
I like to find a couple of takes on a story, see how they match up. Most times its possible.

misneach said...

I cant tell you how pleased it makes me to hear that I'm not the only one who has woken up to the worthlessness of the American media. Why people with internet access would still choose to get their news from the mainstream American media rather than the vast plethora of other more factual and less biased sources astounds me.

One of the main factors important to a functioning democracy is an informed population. The american population is far from well informed, in fact far from informed at all (we need look no farther than the recent coverage of the Israeli slaughter of Lebanese, which most americans were led to support by horrendous reporting from the American media).

What does that tell us about the state of democracy in the worlds most powerful "democratic" nation?

Cartledge said...

Well yes, precisely misn. There are simply too many good sources available to remain ignorant.