Friday, October 06, 2006

Sydney ideals

If you had ever wondered just why they booted your humble correspondent out of the glorious harbour city of Sydney, this graphic image says it all.

That pair, we are told, is what Sydney-siders look like. I can assure you in a line up of said residents I would stick out like a sore thumb.

Apparently the morphed portraits of 1400 people to create this composite, and oddly enough I think I know them both.

But this weather beaten old hack would have marred the image somewhat I fear. In fact, given some of the fairly ordinary residents in my memory, of that city, I'm wondering how they selected the portraits suitable for morphing. I'm also wondering who they are trying to impress.

I'm all Foleyed out for the moment so the image struck me as an interesting diversion.


abi said...

They look like they've been lobotomized.

Cartledge said...

Yes, I thought they looked like news presenters too...

reality-based educator said...

That's a good one!