Sunday, October 08, 2006

Move over George, I'm here!

I can take a lot in my stride, defend the indefensible in some people's eyes, but cricket is sacred. According to the Sunday Times (London):

"The London bombers were initially ordered by Al-Qaeda to assassinate the England and Australia cricket teams during the 2005 Ashes, a friend of one of the terrorists has claimed."

Fair go! Surely there is a Geneva convention or something which makes illegal the assassination of cricket teams.

If you thought George W was a bit of a terror on terrorists just watch a rabid cricket fan in action.

There was nearly a riot in Australia recently when it was ruled that were were banned from calling the English cricketers 'pommy bastards!"

It is our God given right to attack the Poms with everything we can throw at them, and likewise they have no problem counterattacking. That is the stuff cricket legends are made of.

The 'bodyline series' of the 1930s still excites violence between opposing supporters, just as it was a nearly fatal form of the game then.

But like family, we can call them bastards and try and cause bodily harm; outsiders do not share that privilege.

"Just bring it on," we cricketers say. We'll give you bloody bombs. And Pakistan had better watch out next time the face up to the fast bowlers too!


abi said...

Dunno, cartledge. One cricket team more or less wouldn't matter much to me. It's hard to get excited over a sport named after a bug.

Cartledge said...

Steady on old man, this is the game that predates the invention of religion!
The bug was probably named after the noble game!
These are our 'warriors in whites'!