Friday, October 13, 2006

Another blow to the Bush Doctrine?

The head of the British Army has demanded an early exit from Iraq, warning that the presence of their troops was making the situation worse.

Gen Sir Richard Dannatt voiced concern about the worsening situation in Iraq and argued that the presence of British troops was contributing to the cycle of violence.
Sir Richard, who took over as Chief of the General Staff in August, hit out at what he said might have been "naïve" attempts to impose a "liberal democracy" on a post-Saddam Iraq.
He warned that coalition forces had squandered any support among local people. Daily Telegraph

We've been watching the steady erosion of Bush's international support for months now, as well as the various retired US senior officers. As far as I can recall, Dannatt is the first serving military chief anywhere to speak so bluntly.

The report goes on:

He also attacked the treatment of injured troops on NHS wards after The Daily Telegraph disclosed how one soldier was confronted on a ward by an angry Muslim.
Sir Richard said he had personally confronted Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, about the "unacceptable" hospital situation and accused the Government of breaching a "covenant" between the Armed Forces and the nation.
He is expected to meet Browne today. His criticisms are the most serious Tony Blair has faced from the military leadership and shook Downing Street last night.

I'm not sure if the US media will pick up on this story, but it is central to the Bush Doctrine and the Republican agenda. It is a story which needs to be circulated widely.


romunov said...

Before you know it, they'll be leaving en masse with choppers. Nam style!

Cartledge said...

yes that sems a vision shared outside the US.