Monday, October 16, 2006

Election watching

The Election Countdown, now a regular feature on GP Background Stories, is being updated daily. The approach is to visit daily news bites on trends, including a rundown on headlines and quotes.

We have an excellent article by Michael Evans, analyzing the race for California's Congressional District 25. Today we are looking at the effect of the Republican route on the White House, with an article complementing the news bites. Troubled times for the White House

We also have a message board on site now, so pop over and leave your thoughts. The invitation for contributions is still open, and we would welcome your take on the election.


Kvatch said...

Very much enjoyed Troubled Times For The White House.

Americans are realizing that this Presidency has put self-interest before the interests of the people, and now seem unable to confront those perceptions.

Though most presidents offer up the rubric of putting the people first, never has that promise seemed more hollow at the outset, and never has it been proven more disastrously true in the waning days.

reality-based educator said...

Check out Taegan Goddard's Political Wire for all the latest poll updates, cartledge. The numbers are really, really bad lately for GOPers. Apparently the LIKELY VOTER models are all trending heavily Democratic - I guess because the Repub vote is "depressed."

Cartledge said...

Thanks chaps.
I'm really enjoying this outing. More so now I'm not going to look a complete dill with earlier predictions.
Love those number RBE, but I wouldn't bother betting with odds of 6/4 on.
Great fodder though.