Friday, October 06, 2006

On cutting off heads

Who'd a thunk it; the Republicans much trumpeted WoT theory, flawed as it is, sought to cut the heads of the Gorgon of terrorism. In the complex defence of their own position of power they have tripped on the tangles and look like severing their own heads, at a vitally important time for them.

The terrorism analogy should not be overlooked, as Bush fights frantically to talk up security in the midst of his party's own turmoil.

Now I have been saying for some time now that Bush has been steadily losing allies, and their influence.

How telling that he currently sits in the White House, a head virtually severed from his legislative body.

This situation makes a mockery of the security chant, and 'the right to rule' which the Republicans arrogantly promoted.

For me it is all the more interesting to watch this as a more or less dispassionate viewer. Yes it does matter who rules the US, because of the massive influence that gives over the world.

Having received several emails today exhorting me to 'Save the American Flag' and 'Show your Patriotism' serve to remind me of the vast gap between Americans and the rest.

The symbolism is obviously right for the American psyche, it means nothing to me. It just as obviously means very little to those elected to lead the country; those floundering in the mess of self-serving excreta they have create.

What I am reminded of is that invariably the greedy and corrupt, often immune from the law and public opinion, end by destroying themselves.

So let those heads roll and bring on a new day!

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