Sunday, October 08, 2006

A moment to gloat

Your erstwhile scribe is delighted to see the White House 'invisible woman' fall from grace. Not that I have anything personal against Susan Ralston, but having canvassed her curious role in the Abramoff scandal months ago there was a simple feeling of a prediction come good.

When I first became curious about this mystery woman there was no body! Just opportunity and motive - all the right connections.

My one regret now is that Ralston knows where all the bodies are and unless someone has seriously pissed I her corn flakes she is still unlikely to tell.

Ralston's name was mentioned 162 times in a 93-page congressional report on the influence wielded in the Bush White House by Jack Abramoff; from the bipartisan House Government Reform Committee.

She is also privy to, if not central to the Plame leak details. That she was very low profile in the White House stakes is hardly surprising; she was a busy woman and carried a load of key insider knowledge. In some ways more than the key players because she was the conduit between so many of them.

I haven't really commented on the near dead Plame issue for a while, but I'm gratified to see the Bush perennial fall guy, Dick Armitage's handy confession was treated with the contempt it deserved. They really are a ham fisted bunch, but will be at a loss without Ralston steadying the tiller.


NYC Educator said...

You'll be hearing a lot more about Plame if the Democrats capture the House.

Cartledge said...

NYCE, I do hope you are right.