Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odd campaigning styles

You really need to wonder, at this stage, if the Republicans have a political death wish. While some sober heads are working to get the 'key' issues back into the media, other seem intent on keeping Foley/Hastert on the front pages.

If the incredible invocation of the irrelevant Chappaquiddick wasn't enough then the whole story was backed up with purported comments by anonymous Democrat operatives claiming their Foley leak timing was off. These are issues which don't even begin to touch the scandal, merely keep it alive.

In reality, probably none of it really matters, once the grip of incumbency broke with Foley's exposure, the rest became history.

Campaigning style might be a moot point, Bush thinks so: Bush acknowledged that the war in Iraq was having a political impact, but predicted that voters would reward his Republican Party in national elections next month for its stance on security and the economy.

I obviously won't argue with George that something has overtaken this election, just with his predicted outcome.

Still, common sense and experience dictates that you stick to the issues script, and repeat it endlessly until it finally bites.

Losing the benefit of incumbency is bad enough and the loss of campaigning disciple won't stop the rot for the Republicans, but it could increase the losses.

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