Friday, October 20, 2006

Campaign Watershed?

It is 18 days out by my reckoning, and what seems to be the campaign watershed. For the first time in weeks scandal and corruption are almost entirely gone from media coverage of the election.

The focus around the country is on the dynamics of local races and the Metro dailies are left with non-stories, what isn't being said or done, according to them.

I found today's key story in the Sydney morning Herald, and note that at time of writing it was stating to appear in the US: Bush: Iraq 'Could Be' Vietnam All Over Again.

I expect in the news vacuum today it might blow out, although White House mouthpieces are trying to play it down.

I loved one quote, Bush at his ingenuous best: "My gut tells me that they have all along been trying to inflict enough damage that we'd leave."

The coverage continues over at GP Background Stories and the invitation remains open for contributions; snippets of news, comments or whatever.

Continuing the watershed theme: Latest comment on GP Background Stories...

Coalition of the wavering - Iraq resolve breaking

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has given the first hint of softening his position on when Australian troops will leave Iraq.

On the same day that US President George Bush conceded for the first time that there could be parallels between Iraq and the Vietnam War, Howard indicated Australia could leave Iraq before democracy was firmly established there. Full story...


mikevotes said...

Suddenly, the whole bottom has fallen out of the Bush Iraq propaganda machine.

Following on the NIE, Woodward, Republican Senators, the ISG, and now the military in Iraq itself questioning the strategy, it's open season.

Every major US newspaper had a front page story (most above the fold) saying that the current strategy has failed and asking, what next.


Cartledge said...

Fair comment Mike. What I am seeing is that commentary is dependent on which prism the battle is being viewed through. That seems to be particularly relevant to issues focus and geography. It certainly is not an homogeneous beast.