Friday, September 08, 2006

Tomorrow is another day...

Tony Blair's enemies on the Labour backbenches were in smug mood last night. Their coup attempt, launched on Monday, has failed to oust him from Downing Street, they believe his political assassination is all but accomplished.

"There is no need now to finish him off completely," said one. "He can't control events any more. The necessary damage is done."

The view of most Labour MPs last night was that Mr Blair had little chance of getting through to next May - his favoured date for triggering a leadership contest.

They believe his authority is so diminished that government will be all but impossible as MPs, ministers, and the Whitehall machine turn their minds to the post-Blair era.

Brown might be favoured by the party, but a poll shows that voters asked if the Chancellor would prove a more successful occupant of No 10 than Mr Blair, resulted in just only 20 per cent who said he would.

Almost two thirds of those polled think the "wheels are falling off" the Government, and half think Mr Blair is a lame duck.

Personally I think he should just hand over to young Tom, at least the former junior minister has guts and timing.

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