Thursday, September 07, 2006

Johnny one note

Indonesia might not be exactly a hot bed of terrorism, but they do breed and house a few nasty types; note the Bali bombings and other odd happenings.

Their brand is called Jemaah Islamiah and loosely allied to the rest. With pressure from the US and Australia Indonesia do track down and arrest the nasties, but whenerver you see them in the company of the police it's all laughing a joking, just a game.

They send them to jail (we think) but not for long, there always seems good reason to release them again.

These are guys who plot, bomb and kill innocent people.

I guess you could say drug runners were doing their fair share of killing, innocent or otherwise. When they are arrested in Indonesia they are given the death penalty.

When the Indons let a terrorist free John how wrings his hands and says how bad it is. No real pressure, just a moan and on with business.

When a bunch of young Aussies are confirmed for a death sentence he says, "don't expect any leniency."

Howard said his government would appeal for clemency, but he had "no sympathy for drug traffickers and nor do millions of Australians".

About the same response really. Useless as tits on a bull!

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