Saturday, September 30, 2006

The joke about ethnic cleansing

Given enough stimulus my passions can still be ignited.

Australia's Cole Inquiry has ended its public hearings with some of the most explosive and disgusting revelations staining the country's public and corporate institutions.

John Howard and his cronies will barely be touched by the news, the AWB patsies will take to whole fall, by the politicians are revealed for the murderous liars they truly are.

Commissioner Cole has signalled that he will be looking at recommending charges under the anti-terrorism act. The International Court of Justice might well be urged to look at crimes against humanity and include that slimy toad, Howard, among the defendants.

These self-righteous bastards, in the name of commerce and politics, knowingly provided foreign currency to build 2,000 concrete bunkers, amongst other things.

The evidence shows that these creeps were actually willing to abet ethnic cleansing - Genocide.

"The bunkers will have cement walls and floors so they are actually designed for burying the Kurds," the email from AWB executive Daryl Borlase to a range of other AWB staff said.

"Under the cement??

"They intend to build them with fumigation capability so the mind boggles as to whether they are fumigating insects or any other pest that pisses them off."

The emails were, no doubt, attempts at black humour. But they don't sit well when Saddam is currently on trial in Iraq for the genocide of 182,000 people in a 1987-88 campaign against the Kurds.

Faced with this evidence, the champion of the hearing's "I don't recall" stakes, faced with hard proof he couldn't deny, former CEO Andrew Lindberg broke down and wept.

Poor bastard, though he wasn't weeping for the potential plight of thousands of ethnic Kurds, rather it was his own black future, doing time for terrorist crime, that upset poor Andy.

His former boss and chairman, Trevor Flugge has no qualms about continuing his denials, but I expect that he has a good deal more to hide.

It is poetic justice that these criminals should be caught up in the terrorism farce, but real justice would see them in the ICJ facing crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile those slimy toads of government will slip the net. Perhaps Australia's strong Kurdish community should be launching their own campaign for justice, goodness knows they have suffered enough injustice.


Kvatch said...

Gott im Himmel! This is really grisly!

They won't actually be able to touch Howard on this one, will they? Obviously, I don't know enough (or really anything) about Australian investigatory procedure.

Cartledge said...

It is pretty ordinarym froggy.
Howard set up the 'Royal Commission' on his own terms, which sort of keeps him out of the firing line.
What it has done, in effect, is put up a barrier to any evidence which might touch on him.
But he is now tainted by it, by implication, if anyone cares. But then so is Bush, if anyone cares.

reality-based educator said...

cartledge, the sex scandal/cover-up embroiling the Grand Old Pervert party is making even the Woodward book thing seem small. You ought to delve into the muck a bit and read about how the Family Values party shielded a pedophile/Republican Congressman and enabled him to send sexually explicit emails and instant messages to underage boys for nearly a year.

I think the shit has hit the fan here in the U.S. political world. The media find it hard to cover war gin-ups and complex financing schemes. But sex scandals and cover-ups they're pretty good at covering.

Cartledge said...

RBE, got it covered on galleonpoint. I will keep building that story. I'm finding the solid background stories just keep on keeping on, and this one is ideal.
Thanks for the heads up.

Praguetwin said...

I just keep getting bulled over by the irony that the right castigated the French and the Russians for aiding and abetting Saddam's evil empire.

Where is their ire now?

romunov said...

Hum, what evidence does the prosecutor offer that he gased the Kurds and that they weren't just trapped in the cross fire?