Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Even his friends reject him

Even a natural ally is turning his back on George. Britain's Conservative leader, David Cameron has strongly criticised the foreign policy of George Bush and Tony Blair and said the Tories would pursue a more independent line from Washington than the present Government.

Declaring that he was a "liberal conservative rather than a neo-conservative", Cameron rejected the hawkish approach favoured by some senior Tories. "We must not stoop to illiberalism - whether at Guantanamo Bay, or here at home with excessive periods of detention without trial," he said.

"We must not turn a blind eye to the excesses of our allies - abuses of human rights in some Arab countries, or disproportionate Israeli bombing in Lebanon. We are fighting for the principles of civilisation - let us not abandon those principles in the methods we employ."

I thought the most telling line was: The Bush administration's strategy lacked patience and humility and had been presented through "unrealistic and simplistic" soundbites.

Any hope of some respite from the 'old dart' as Britain is sometimes referred to by we convict colonials, looks sunk.

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romunov said...

It's interesting how the govt will push the country into even more dirt - for what? For a bogus war on terror. Or that's what we've been told. Form follows function, and something sinister is going behind the curtains.