Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hell! We're just having too much fun

You have to wonder why, given the increasing pressure on their administrations, so many of the 'coalition of the willing' leaders are so desperate to hold on to office.

Berlusconi had to be levered out with a shoe horn, giving rise to thoughts that he might have something to hide. Well he had lots to hide, but it seems to be mainly about his well known penchant for corruption.

Australia's Howard keeps muttering his own version of 'hell no! I won't go!' But the greatest show of all is our boy Tony in Britain. He's sticking like shit to a blanket, even in the face of party revolt.

Blair finally announced, this week, he's be out by June, hoping to assuage growing concern in his party. Likely successor, Gordon Brown, says "Pig's bum Tony! Move it or lose it!"

But Brown was the least of Blair's problems after seven members of his government quit. They want Blair out and don't mind bringing in the wrecking ball to dislodge him.

Blair's own supporters had been busy preparing a 'send him off with style, let him go as a winner' campaign. It makes you wonder when they can't even read the mood of their own party.

My money is still on Tony going sooner rather than later. He needs to to keep his little secrets safe within a Labour government rather than handing them all to the Conservatives in an electoral slaughter.

The US is stuck with Bush for a couple more years, perhaps. But he is increasingly a lame duck and November should generate 'interesting times' for the great democracy.

Little Johnny Howard is another issue. Cunning as a gutter rat, the Aussie PM is still outclassing his rivals from all sides.

Still, all this will pass. Dogged they might be, but they are sort of human, and given to the entropy that goes with that.

History won't reflect well on the past few years, on these intrepid leaders, but their time is coming.

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Kvatch said...

I think that you're right about Bush. He's gonna have some interesting times after November. But I'm not betting on the Dems being to grab anything more than the House.

Nonetheless history isn't going to be kind to Bush. Even less kind to Blair who started off much better and has been brought much lower. (Everyone thinks Bush is an ignorant puppet who can't help himself.)