Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Exporting US terrorism

The translation was a bit dodgy in the Bulgarian FOCUS News Agency site, but the meaning came through okay.

Six US citizens and their friends in Montenegro planned to carry out an anniversary attack in Malesia and Tuzi, Montenegro on September10 and 11.

Four of the US citizens have been arrested, the other two are in hiding still.

According to the Chief of the criminal police in Montenegro, Ivan Masulovic, 12 people were arrested in relation to the drama.

He said that former members of the Army for Liberation of Kosovo /AOK/ have also been intended to participate in the terrorist attacks and were expected to illegally enter Kosovo and Montenegro.

Some of the weapons intended for the attacks were found in the homes of the detainees. The larger part was found in a cave near Tuzi, where the suspects were supposed to hide after the attack.

The 'Americans' originate from the territories of Malesia, Tuzi and Kosovo.

I'm not sure if this is the Rove plot for September, I don't thing he is quite that dumb, but you never know. Nothing seems to be working at home and Britain is too busy to play. Still, with the US record for training future enemies anything is possible. (tongue firmly in cheek!)


Praguetwin said...

Just like the AWB comment below. When terrorist hail from the UAE, that state becomes an "exporter of terrorism." But if they come from America, they are ignored.


reality-based educator said...

Not having cable news, you've probably missed the changing of the conventional wisdom, cartledge, but post September 11th, 2006 things are no longer considered to be so bad here at home for Rove and his republicans. The preznit's numbers are up in the latest WSJ/NBC, ABC and FOX polls (although a few polls, like Gallup and Pew, show his numbers either the same or down a bit), gas prices are down, mortgages rates are down, the economy is doing well again (I'm not sure when that changed...but Wolf Blitzer said it was so on CNN last night so it must be true...I asked praguetwin to help me out with that one...), the political dialogue is about terrorism (a "slamdunk" win for Republicans and a loss for Dems according to MSNBC's First read and the Wash Post's Chris Cillizza), Republicans showed just how good their GOTV effort in Rhode Island when they saved Chafee's ass, and the RNC is spending $60 million dollars over the next 50 days for a blitzkrieg of negative advertising in all the close races.

According to the conventional wisdom people at ABC News' The Note, MSNBC's First Read, and elsewhere, all of the above means Republicans will narrowly hold their majority in the House, comfortably hold their majority in the Senate, and be all set for an assault on Social Security and Iran next year (and I think they equate both.)

Anyway, that's the conventional wisdom here. How quickly it changes. And how quickly it can be influenced by the GOP spinmeisters.

Cartledge said...

RBE, cable or not, I confess that I am distracted from the game at the moment by more pressing personal issues.
I have a feeling I will really be a passenger watching the passing parade for a while.
Well, I can't really play in this game anyway, but i am vitally interested in the dynamics.
So much about US politics seems, to me, divorced from social reality. It reallly is a different culture, although one creeping into outer cultures.
So I will bow to your close up knowlege and watch with interest.