Friday, September 08, 2006

Curiosities from the trenches

Bursting the weather balloon

Outraged scientists stormed out of a government-sponsored climate change conference dinner in Canberra recently.

Obviously organisers are working on dissuasion tactics and have found a pretty good one, strippers.

Many of the women who attended the dinner at Old Parliament House left the room in horror...

Okay, it doesn't put everyone off, just the minority female climate scientists, but that isn't a bad start.

It must be a great result for the anti climate change lobby. Rather than reports on the actual conference we get girls in balloons. I hope they were filled with friendly gasses at least.

Headlines - well those ones that make you look twice:

Lady Thatcher's friends wanted in US

We know George isn't big on making friends and influencing people, but this is not the attempt to find some willing buddies fro the beleaguered prez. In fact its the second use of those summary, one sided extradition laws Britain now has. Apparently a couple close to Maggie, the Tollmans, are facing charges in the US.

Further down the story was another line that caught my interest:

Lawyers for the Tollmans are expected to appeal to the House of Lords

I suppose lawyers need to appeal to someone besides their nearest and dearest.

Blair's days are numbered

Conjure with it, but he was still there when I woke up today.

And finally, because it goes on and on:

Top 200 users of water hide behind secrecy provisions

In my day it was cupboard drinkers hiding their habit.


Kvatch said...

I hope they were filled with friendly gasses at least.

Helium, I suspect. Not only friendly but "noble". :-)

Praguetwin said...

They should have got hotter strippers. But seriously,

Blair is going. It was on the currency trader's squak box and there is very little politics. The Pound is tanking on the news, dragging the Euro down with it.

Cartledge said...

Yes, remarkably ordinary for a stripper, I thought.
But on the serious, WHEN? A year isn't good enough.

romunov said...

How KarlRovian of them to install such a distraction.

Cartledge said...

I don't know, he might have picked a more compelling tart!