Friday, September 07, 2007

Sydney security bust

The $170 million security net became the butt of a joke when a comedy team cruised through two checkpoints and got within feet of Bush’s hotel in Sydney. It was one thing to get through Australia security but the team were reluctant to take on the heavily armed US security. Video

Just short of their target a team member, dressed as Bin Laden, jumped out of a limo carrying Canadian livery. Eleven have been arrested under special APEC laws, but public opinion is with the TV clowns rather than the official clowns.

One poll asked the simple questions, funny or not funny, 86% say funny, which I guess reflects the general feelings about this invite only circus. Another fence picture shows APEC can’t stop everything.


Anonymous said...

So has the riot--that your security officials are so incredibly sure is going to happen--materialized yet?

Oh...and it is funny, very, Very funny!

Cartledge said...

PROTESTERS have dismissed as propaganda police warnings about violence at a march in Sydney today.
Kvatch the protesters recognise that violence deflects from the message. But there will be:
* a "21-bum salute"
* 50 "Bums for Bush" protesters bared their bottoms in the drizzling rain to symbolise their distaste for the US President.
We are hoping the humour approach will continue; though expect the cops will work hard to convert to violence.

Anonymous said...

a "21-bum salute"

It just doesn't get any better than that--appropriate in oh so many ways! :-)