Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday musings – Hot topic

Sunday comes early in Australia. We need to be ahead in some things I guess. This Sunday my thoughts have turned to global warming and the mother goddess.

It would seem only the serfs and others without power in this world give a tinker’s damn about global warming. To be honest, we don’t really have any immediate monetary gain from destroying our planet so there isn’t much incentive.

Global warming is well on the agenda and here in the sub tropical, South Pacific we are increasingly aware of the effects. In July alone we experience three ‘east coast lows’ our version of extreme weather. The frequency and scale of these events was unprecedented, as was the widespread coastal flooding.

Except that the rest of us suffer at the same time it is a delight to find those profiting from the destruction they are causing might actually suffer sooner rather than later. A new scientific report says, the huge industrial zone at the heart of the "Made in China" economic miracle could be inundated by sea water as a result of global warming.

I don’t have any issues with the Chinese, but the massive industrial growth in that country is questionable on many counts. So here is the bottom line for China:

“Meteorologists in Guangdong, the coastal province neighbouring Hong Kong which has led China's manufacturing boom, estimate sea levels could rise by 30 centimetres by 2050. That could lead to more than 1200 square kilometres of the province being flooded.

“Worst affected would be the major hubs of Guangzhou, the provincial capital; Zhuhai, which borders Macau; and Foshan, home to a vast range of factories including several of those caught up in the recent safety recall by the US toy company Mattel.” SMH

You can be sure the millions of virtual slave workers in the effected areas have little idea of the looming threat, or could do anything about it if they really knew. You can be sure the industrialists behind it all, Chinese, American or otherwise will ignore the threat, and the danger posed to their workers.

I personally don’t accept the argument that these cultures like China are alone in ignoring the plight of the drones; our developed economies are constantly displaying a total disregard for the well being of the wider community. It is worth reflecting on the fact that our respectable Western cultures are no better than the supposed heathen.


In the spirit of musing, albeit getting out of my depth, I can’t help reflecting on the possibility of the Earth Goddess, Gaia, having her own plan in place to moderate the excesses of the dominate primates.

Out of my depth, as I should add, because I have long since stopped trying to comprehend the religious and mystical, preferring instead the earthly and effable. But patterns still impose themselves and the potential for our earth to not simply heal herself over time, but to target a major problem is a sweet thought.

We, as ‘intelligent’ beings, regularly attempt to treat those various destructive invaders on our own bodies, our animals and plants. I said I was getting out of my depth… I still can’t help musing about Earth as an organism, or part of an organism, might find its own remedial treatments.

…Or perhaps I should just stick to my half arsed understanding of politics, governance and economics.


Praguetwin said...

I guess the point to keep in mind is that even if the planet's temperature rises by 5 degrees, and the sea level comes up a couple of meters, it won't be devastating for the planet, or Gaia, it would only be devastating for us.

reality-based educator said...

George Carlin notes that as we destroy the earth, it becomes earth + plastic. The earth can survive with all the plastic (and other pollutants) we add...we of course, cannot.

Cartledge said...

No argument with any of that. I was trying to find signs of natural justice here. Like the real cancerous organisms being directly attacked.