Thursday, September 06, 2007

Launching ‘Off Broadway’

Regardless of perceive interest in the thoughts, your correspondent tends to have an eclectic range of opinions scrabbling to be expressed. Having an idle blog space we have decided to create an overflow for those specific events which might bore many, like the upcoming Australian elections.

Wherever I park my sandals I tend to be in one of the far flung provinces of the US Empire. Off Broadway is a sort of ideas overflow page, but the handle refers to views from and about the Roman provinces as opposed to USA Central issues.

So we launch with an update on the Australian election 2007:

Missing the economic margins

While John Howard goes into panic mode George W offers him the kiss of death. I have often claimed elections are all about the economic realities at the margins. Both our illustrious leaders seem to fail to recognise the reality. Read more on Off Broadway

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