Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Send in the clowns

A headline in a weekend paper sent this home into gales of laughter, coinciding as it did with the APEC build up Clowns Without Borders. Well it was funny at the time and intend no slur on the organisation linked.

I started researching, apropos the APEC visiting heads, but found our Australian clowns just too diverting.

Foreign Minister Downer seems to star in the buffoon stakes, and is also described as just a sweet transvestite. It is not uncommon to see images of him in fishnets, cartoon images I should add.

Was also taken by his constant reference to politicising politics:

  • Downer has accused Opposition leader Rudd and his foreign affairs spokesman Robert McClelland of playing politics
  • Downer says former PM Keating is playing politics
  • Labor playing politics with Haneef case
  • The Beattie Government (Queensland) were playing politics with Anzac Day
  • “They are all out there playing politics, doing Kevin Rudd’s bidding.”
  • Opposition parties in the Senate are going down the time-worn path of playing politics.
  • The [Australian] Democrats are playing politics…

Which all strikes me as rather odd. You wouldn’t attack a butcher for butchering, or a baker for baking; why attack politicians for politicking?

Meanwhile the Canberra Press Gallery have some interesting, if not always imaginative names for some of Downer’s colleagues. (Oddly for an Australian with a strong Canadian connection I have problems with some word use, but I guess you will get the idea.)

PM John Howard is known as ‘The Little C..t’ His official car aptly bears the registration plate ‘C1’.

AG Philip Ruddock is known as ‘The Walking Dead’, and is said to be appropriately translucent.

Leader of the House; Minister for Health and Ageing and all round attack dog, Tony Abbot bears the simple moniker – ‘C..t’

Conservation Minister and merchant banker, Malcolm Turnbull is known as ‘LookAtMe’.

Treasurer Peter Costello is knows as Captain Smirk.

That politic playing Kevin Rudd is often depicted as the cartoon character Tin Tin and the Milky Bar Kid.

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