Saturday, September 08, 2007

APEC a Bummer and Chaser does it again

The Chaser comedy team are already facing charges for breaching APEC security in Sydney, so what is one more charge. Just a day after driving their motorcade up to Bush’s doorstep three team members have been detained again.

WHAT do you do when you've been charged by police for entering a restricted "red" zone at an international forum featuring 21 world leaders, embarrassing the Federal Government and the forum's multimillion-dollar security operation?

Why, you front up again the next day with another stunt. They were taken away by police after they "drove" through a police line at the APEC forum wearing black cardboard cars bearing Canadian flags and wheels made of paper plates.

One of the shows producers said he wasn’t concerned about the arrests, “we didn’t send in any of the really talented team members.”

Bums on parade

Among other protest events was a "21-bum salute", in which about 50 "Bums for Bush" protesters bared their bottoms in the drizzling rain to symbolise their distaste for the US President.

Police are already pre-empting any suggestions that they would incite violence, but they will need to be clever to hide any actions on their part. No doubt there will be a few protesters who don’t understand the power of peaceful protest

The encouraging part is the level of humour being deployed to sell the message. We are hoping the examples so far will get through to the hot heads. Nothing will show up the excessive paranoia and force as much as a good laugh.

And a special appeal to Vlad Putin. As one of the few leaders at APEC with the cojones, we want to see Vlad do a ‘meet the people’ walk. It’s safe Vlad, well mostly. After recent footage of the Russian President, clad only in his budgie smugglers, I know a few women who would like to get a bit closer.


enigma4ever said...

we have been reading your blog with great enthusiasm....we LOVE you are in my Blog Round up this weekend...thank you....

Cartledge said...

Thanks enigma. Wish we had some more instructive things to get hot about.