Thursday, August 02, 2007

Terror in high places

Now the rules for dealing with terrorism have been established it must be time to some other outstanding cases. For example there is ample evidence against our Deputy Prime Minister to create a great deal of suspicion.

The fallout from the AWB scandal clearly suggests Vaile’s association with those who were financing a terrorist organisation, Saddam’s Iraq regime. The $300 million dollars was funded through people who the Deputy Prime Minister was known to associate with.

There were serious allegations that Saddam’s mob were in league with Al Qaeda, those links were part of the justification for sending Australian troops to oust the regime.

October 20 2000 Vaile had an ‘informal meeting’ in Egypt with AWB Iraq executive Dominic Hogan, the subject of the meeting was the growing concern over kickback claims.

Later in 2000 the Deputy Prime Minister was dealing with then AWB chairman, Trevor Flugge. Again the thrust discussions were the emerging revelations of financial support for Saddam’s terrorist government.

July 2002 the Deputy Prime Minister was adamant that dubious wheat deal should continue without interference. In 2002 Vaile met with AWB executives again, this time in he was visiting two other known terrorist states, Libya and Iran.

So should Deputy Prime Minister Vaile be charged with recklessly supporting a terrorist organisation? I obviously cannot disclose all the facts of any potential, future investigation, but there certainly appears to be ample innuendo to proceed.

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