Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday musings

It is a cool and very wet Sunday in my current sub-tropical wonderland; just the sort of day for some really odd musing.

I’m no great fan of that Springfield family, but as a serial political activist I’m becoming aware of just how much they reflect the wider electorate out there.

So dredging through the Sunday papers (we shall leave the news label out of it) I came across an opportunity to render myself as a Springfield resident –

Okay, I doubt I would ever pass casting. The result wasn’t a bad rendering of me, but is hardly suitable for a family cartoon character.

I’m beginning to think the same goes for the real me and the electorate. Just lately I have been advocating for a few people battling various service providers. You know those telcos and power suppliers who don’t really give a rat’s arse for ordinary people.

Fighting the ‘terms of service’ is always problematic. Firstly because those I’m assisting have never bothered to check the TOS. On the other side these global documents often fall foul of local consumer law so are open to challenge.

Trouble is, the whole process seems to be too much for people to cope with. Often my efforts are cut short when the complainant gets the fits of the “Oh, it must be all my fault’.

Just like those enticed into easy credit for a home purchase or just to consolidate mounting debt. It probably is partly their own fault, but the providers also have responsibility to deliver appropriate services and not fleece customers.

The politics is much the same. The fat cats can get away with murder, and tell the ordinary folk – “It’s all your fault!” And they will believe it.


enigma4ever said... the last paragraph....

enigma4ever said...

BTW I should warn you;-)
I included you in my Sunday roundup....thanks..

( and oh yeah, I threw you on my blogroll too thanks;-)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

If we choose to believe it, then it is our own faults. The problem is that we want a place to blame everythng even when we know there is no one else to blame.

Ahh, but that is life, is it not?

Cartledge said...

Thank you enigma. I find your blog a refreshing diversion from economic and politics.

Inside - thanks for stopping by, and your observations.

Anonymous said...

A small light at the end of the long telco tunnel. The US 9th Circuit just threw out AT&T/Cingular's draconian "required binding arbitration" agreement. Sort of nice for us in that the people's right to sue them in a class action is now affirmed.

Cartledge said...

froggy, I like the light. We just need someone here to challenge them.