Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Parfait Paranoia

Sydney restaurants, particularly those close to the APEC venue (Sydney Opera House) are receiving attention from security operatives.

Guillaume Brahimi, of Guillaume at Bennelong, the restaurant in the Opera, said his staff had been through security checks even though he said the restaurant would be closed.

Whatever the issue staff, are being grilled by people who wouldn’t know an haute cuisine if it bit them on the bum.

So here is a call for items which should be banned from Sydney menus while world leaders are in the city - (Sept 5 thru 11 07). I can come up with a few starters – any ideas?

‘Bomb Alaska’, a backed ice cream cake coated with meringue.

Shooters are obviously suspect.

Any form of flambĂ©…

Knives and forks might be a bit of a worry

Gas cylinders should be banned


Anonymous said...

Knives and forks might be a bit of a worry

Not to worry, all the restaurants will just switch to plastic sporks.

pissed off patricia said...

Probably want to ban baked beans. I think there will be enough gas bags without that additional kind of gas.

Anonymous said...

Exploding pastries might cause a bit of a problem. A French chef was going to kill Homer Simpson with an eclaire that was filled to the exploding point with chocolate.

Cartledge said...

I did embark on a fruitless search for documents outlining the security dangers of Sydney's more elite restaurants. I liked PoP's suggestion, we really don't need to add to the noisome effusions of this Pacific region talkfest.
I expect some of those brittle chefs might pose a problem, not to mention underpaid, overworked dish washers. But nothing official, of course.