Tuesday, August 21, 2007

APEC Update

Cost are now put at $331 million for the Asian talkfest, APEC. That is the Federal component, with more coming from state coffers.

Security alone will cost a staggering $143 million with 21 world leaders, including US President George W Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, heading to Sydney next September.

Business groups say the New South Wales Government's decision to grant the people of Sydney a public holiday during APEC will cost businesses around $320 million.

But there won’t be much opportunity to protest the waste, with security fences and road closures being supplemented by a $600,000 water cannon. Premier Morris Iemma says the $600,000 US-built cannon will knock unruly protesters off their feet.

"Any protesters who are considering violent disruptions during the APEC conference should count this as a warning," says Iemma.

All of this and the number of delegates now expected is far short of original estimates. Mind you, if I was still living in Sydney I would be getting out for the duration. As a PR exercise the security measures are not a good sell.


Larry said...

All this money wasted so they can plot to take away more jobs, rights and freedoms.

Cartledge said...

Thanks for dropping by Larry. Yes, unfortunately your comment is spot on.