Friday, August 31, 2007

Can Laura make George pull out?

We wish, but the White House has confirmed that the President will attend APEC in Australia next week. A story from Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of the Australian, ran the head - Bush no-show would be a blow to APEC.

Given the theme of a new, major poll - Australians lack warmth for Bush – a few hearts beat a little faster with Sheridan’s comments:

“I have heard a whisper, a muffled, confused, hesitant, distant, unsure sort of a whisper, but a whisper nonetheless, that the President may yet cancel at the last minute.”

As to that poll, I intend to report more on that when I have had time to go through the raw data. But hey! Don’t worry, we Aussies generally love you yanks, it is your administration we have problems with.

So if George doesn’t pullout at the last minute, noting Laura has puled the pin on the trip, we are now guessing what the conference fancy dress will be this time. The national costume dress-up is usually the only reportable aspect of this gig. I have offered up my selection.

UPDATE: Bush 'sorry' for APEC pain

Having been informed that his presence will cause total disruption of host city Sydney (not Sidney as US media are reporting) Mr President seems a little bewildered. "I've got a lot on my mind” he explained. “First, I am looking forward to coming to the beautiful city. And to the extent that I inconvenience them I apologise”

That would have to be one almighty apology. But I doubt he will manage to actually see much of the beautiful city.


abi said...

Not only do I hope he goes, I hope you keep him.

My secret fantasy is that the infamous Sydney fence is really designed to keep the bastard prisoner until all occupying troops are out of Iraq, or until he finally dies of embarrassment, whichever comes first.

Cartledge said...

Okay, you don’t want him, we don’t want him; let’s cut a deal here.
There is an atoll located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia...