Friday, August 03, 2007

Ring of idiocy

Australian authorities Wednesday revealed new anti-terror measures ranging from loudspeakers on city streets to plans to secretly search and bug homes and businesses.

Qualative polling shows clearly that Sydney is the countries greediest city. Lifestyle is related to showing worth through possessions.
The census shows Sydney people are the least likely in the country to volunteer or give a rat’s arse about their neighbours.
Research clearly shows Sydney residents are the most debt ridden in the country, no doubt a reflection on the former points.

So the question, in an election year is; why program a major international conference – APEC – in a city which is bound to resent an intrusion on their acquisitive lifestyle?
Traders in Sydney are already talking about closing their doors for the duration of the APEC meeting.

A huge concrete wall will be built around Sydney's CBD in a bid to protect potential targets from terrorists and protestors during next month's APEC meetings.
Dubbed the "ring of steel", the 2.8m high concrete-reinforced fence will shield well-known businesses such as McDonald's and Starbucks amid fears they could be attacked by demonstrators.

The much-anticipated economic boost from September's APEC summit has already turned to disappointment for many Sydney businesses.
Organisers initially expected more than 7,000 delegates and media representatives would visit Sydney during the summit, boosting the city's economy.
However, luxury hotels claim bookings have not been confirmed by delegates and tourists are choosing to stay away from the city during the meeting of leaders, government officials and business people from 21 countries that starts on September 2.

New South Wales police say the trial run of a motorcade through Sydney's CBD today in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit has gone smoothly.
The four-hour operation is one of a number of exercises ahead of the summit, which will bring 21 world leaders to Sydney for three days from September 7.

Unruly fans at tonight's Bulldogs-Eels blockbuster will risk an up close and personal preview of the police riot squad's tactics for this month's APEC summit.
Head of the NSW riot squad, Chief Superintendent Steve Cullen, last night confirmed all on-duty officers have recently honed their response tactics for the five-day APEC summit.

Not the bloody football too? The Bulldogs draw their fan base from a heavily Lebanese population. The Eels supporters have always been a feisty lot, from when they were predominantly Anglo to the current multicultural mix. I guess it will give the cops something to practice with.


reality-based educator said...

What the hell is wrong with people? Here in the NYC, the mayor is adding 1000 fucking cameras to the city and no one's screaming about civil liberties...instead I hear about how this is going to make us safer from terrorism.

Right - cuz' suicide bombers care about cameras.

Anonymous said...

Cartledge sorry for sidestepping for a moment:

Here in the NYC, the mayor is adding 1000 fucking cameras to the city and no one's screaming about civil liberties

R-bE... The NYC thing is really troubling. The city seems to be going down the path already tread by the British. back to football... Why-the-f*ck would they deploy for a football game unless they were planning to go overboard with the tactics? Have they ever done anything like that before? Bloody fascist, targeting civilians deliberately, before there's a hint of trouble!

abi said...

Cellphone-jamming equipment? Loudspeakers? An effing cement wall around the business district? Sounds like 1984 is finally here. Jesus, what a world.

Right - cuz' suicide bombers care about cameras. Ha! Great line, rbe.

Cartledge said...

A global comment, thanks for exporting this crap! Well, to be fair, I expect I should be thanking George et at (either generation). I just think it is insane to piss off Sydney just now. We might be looking at the biggest non-vote in our history, regardless of compulsory voting.

As for the football – it was a diversion. But I’m not sure it will be tonight when the cops confront the nasty crowd out there.