Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now this is a campaign

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love nothing better than a political campaign (Well almost but I’m working on that too.) But this latest campaign (More election excitement) already ranks as one of the best.

This election campaign is so different from anything I’ve tried before. I am officially the campaign “whatsy-thingo-business’. Don’t ask me, I’m just trying to craft a campaign here. Personally I want to shoot some holes in the Howard government incumbency.

Without money or resources I am willing to be creative. It is a big ask, but our opponent, Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the National Party and Minister for Transport and Rural Services Mark Vaile, is busy on his version of the Big Picture.

That is Mark’s favourite retort – “you don’t see the Big Picture’. But of course we can. He is currently, for the next week or so, in Queensland trying to save his arse! If the the Queensland support for his rump party dies the Dep PM won’t have a position anywhere, except perhaps as the failed leader of a failed party.

For me it is a great opportunity to engage in the dumbest campaign I have been involved with. Getting attention is the first priority, retaining it comes after that. In fact one of my major strategies is to adopt the ‘Kvatch's Kommandos approach, after I seek permission of course. (I’ll work on that froggy.)

In the end I am really interested, as campaign “whatsy-thingo-business’ in an off the planet approach to a campaign. Help me give Bush’s but plug and his offsider (the offsider is the target) a run for there money, even if it is not out money.

The campaign site is Who Cares? The Big Picture. But it will take a few days to populate the blog. So there is an open invitation for some off the planet guidance here. All weird ideas welcome. Let’s get them!


Anonymous said...

Sir! Doing what few of us would even consider, much less have the cojones to attempt. I'm impressed. Please feel free to co-opt my tactics, use any method for gaining publicity and getting the word out.

Perhaps I'll open the question to Blognonymous' readers... Think it would help?

Anonymous said...

OK...sorry, sorry... Didn't read Wednesday's post. OK kudos to your brother and to you for wanting to pitch in.

Still think I'm going to throw the question open to Blognonymous' readers however.

Cartledge said...

First, I think I would enjoy all the madcap ideas available out there.
Second, well yes it is my brother running. He is sure (and I agree) that I am far too bland to make any impact in this one.
But I fully intend enjoying a bit of over the top campaigning. I had my run some years back and I know I couldn’t make an impression here. Brother Robin has nothing to lose and relishes the ‘village idiot’ title or maybe the Don Quixote.
Thanks for the kind words and assistance