Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Support where you find it

Don’t rely on downunder to put pressure on an Iraq withdrawal. It must rate as one of the weakest support bases, but: Australian prime Minister John Howard today strongly defended President George W. Bush's veto of a law setting out a timeline for withdrawing US troops from Iraq.

Paraphrasing the article, Howard is an ardent supporter of Bush and a key ally in the four-year-old US-led war in Iraq, said that pulling out troops too early would cause chaos in the already violence-ridden country.

We know George W and his cronies are limited in their time scope for this madness. Unfortunately I cannot say with any certainty that Australia’s moronic leadership has any such limits.

Certainly I am hearing a lot of negative comment about Howard’s government, but experience does not translate that into action. Iraq has not really cost Australia all that much. It is minor economically and in lives locally.

That the Bush camp can find any basis of support from Howard defies logic. But then politics usually defies logic. Britain’s Blair will soon announce his departure, but he left the Bush camp long ago. Howard must be the only stooge left.


pissed off patricia said...

I have never understood Howard's big time support for bush. What's in all this for him?

Cartledge said...

PoP I really don’t understand the attraction. Proximity to power perhaps or possibly even just being in so deep he is stuck.