Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More election excitement

I can never resist a campaign, though there are some I probably should. The latest, here again in Port Macquarie, is with an independent challenge against Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader, Mark Vaile.

My brother Robin (see pic) has taken up the cudgels and, realistically, is looking to make a statement on the lack of political concern on social issues. His statement:

With a federal election due later in the year I am announcing my intention to challenge Mark Vaile for the seat of Lyne. As leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister Vaile has been consistently lacklustre. As my local member he has been a total failure.

My major concern is with social issues such as health and community well being. A key part of my campaign will be to take the word ‘care’ out of general use, to be replaced by the more accurate ‘Bean Counter’.

Health Care will become Health Bean Counter, for instance, unless a person or organisation wishing to use the word Care is certified and holds a Gold ‘Care’ Tick which must be earned to be gained.

The intention of this control will be to ensure that all Australians are aware of exactly what they are getting.

I realise that I will have to forget my long held love of Constitutional Federalism and adopt the ever popular Centralist stance to achieve this ban but ‘Life was not meant to be easy’ I have heard and there ‘ain’t’ no such thing as honesty in politics.

I shall keep my loyal constituents informed of further policy issues over the coming months and look forward to your feedback.

Robin Cartledge

Some of my regular readers might recall my previous comments on Vaile, particularly in relation to the AWB wheat scandal in Iraq. Knocking off an incumbent currently in the government leadership is not a realistic aim. But there are a few good points to be scored along the way.

It seems my task will be to craft the written stuff so he can then add his colour. I’m not sure how much I will figure in the campaign, as Robin believes I’m just a tad boring. But I will be in for the ride.

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