Saturday, May 26, 2007

Commando offensive

Our election campaign is off and running with local media coverage featuring the toy soldier assault. We were out overnight deploying the troops as a back up to the news coverage.

Odd thing is that despite agreeing with the campaign sentiment, Who Cares?, and the low cost approach, the toy soldiers are deemed offensive. The above pic was taken at the candidates bank. He is well liked there and the message well accepted. But the toy soldier when into the bin straight away.

Considering all the various reasons for sensitivity towards military figures we are considering branching out into less aggressive plastic figures. There is no real interest here in the various conflicts this country is involved in, but the novel approach to campaigning is well accepted.

Thanks kvatch for the basic concept. We have a few months to refine the approach, but it beats the hell out of stuffing letter boxes with junk.


Just for froggy. (see comments)

"The very least they could have done is come up with some cranky bolt action rifle." With sights asw well ;) This little guy chose the best local news network door knob!


reality-based educator said...

Can you get one wearing a flight suit and giving a "Mission Accomplished" speech on an aircraft carrier? Or a really fat one in a civilian suit sneering a war-like speech at Iran, also while on an aircraft carrier? I bet those two would fit in well w/ the Howard plastic figure.

Cartledge said...

Funny thing RBE, few here give a rat's arse about Iraq. We don't have casualties, or many troops on the ground for that matter.
It is growing personal hardship that features here for now.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the Australian presence in Iraq is somewhat on the 'small' side. Even your toy soldiers don't get decent weapons. :-)

But enough snarkniness for one morning. Sorry for the delay, but I've thrown the tactics question open to Blognonymous' readers. Please let me know if there is anything you'd like added to the post (make sure I've got all the particulars straight).

Cartledge said...

kvatch, the candidate came home with a big bag of Boers and Zulus. Not sure of the elevance, but they were all he could find :)

Anonymous said...

Boers and Zulus? No wonder all the poor guy's got is a machete. The very least they could have done is come up with some cranky bolt action rifle.'s a copy of something that I put on the campaign site:

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